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Promoting Arts in our community through awareness, appreciation, education and support; creating a connection between artists and audiences to enrich the quality of life for all.

Portrait Artist Henryk Ptasiewicz to Paint in Steelville during August 2015

Gallery Zeke Pottery ExhibitOne of the glories of art is how it outlives us. You now have the chance of a lifetime–of more than a lifetime!–to have your portrait, or a family member’s portrait, painted in oil by a world class artist.
Steelville Arts Council’s Artist in Residence for the month of August is internationally-known artist Henryk Ptasiewicz. Henryk will be the featured artist in an exhibition at Gallery Zeke on Main Street in Steelville, entitled “Go Figure,” opening on August 8th.

During each August afternoon, Henryk will be painting oil portraits, either in the gallery or at the Evans House on Main Street in Steelville. Henryk prefers to paint portraits from real life, but can also paint from photographs. He paints in a realistic manner with an impressionist style.

Stop by Gallery Zeke, or email starcogeneral@gmail.com, to make an appointment with the artist. Prices start at $175 for a 16″ by 24″ portrait. There are examples of other sizes and prices at Gallery Zeke. You may also like to have a look at some of Henryk’s portraits online here.  An oil portrait makes a wonderful gift that will last a lifetime or many future lifetimes. Don’t miss this great opportunity.

Steelville Arts Council’s 2015 Plein Air event

Plein Air 2015, Steelville Arts Council

Plein Air 2015, Steelville Arts Council

Steelville Arts Council’s 2015 Plein Air event

 Steelville Missouri, June 5-13

             Artists are signing up and painting sites have been chosen for the 3rd annual Plein Air event sponsored by the Steelville Arts Council.   Up to 40 artists will be painting in outdoor locations in Crawford County and their works will be judged on a daily basis. Each day there will be a purchase prize-winner and 1st, 2nd and 3rd place juried winners. The prize-winning paintings will be auctioned off at the Dinner Gala on June 11 at Meramec Adventure Learning Ranch. To purchase the $40 ticket for an elegant dinner and the opportunity to bid on a one of a kind, prize-winning, brand new painting, go to the Yadkin Creek Mercantile, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays, or call Jack at 573-743-3478.

           plein air raffle flyer 20153 The other paintings will be for sale all week long at the Steelville Community Center. In addition, there will be online sales of paintings starting June 14th. Go to www.steelvilleartscouncil.org for more information on this opportunity.

            Painting locations will include Indian Hills Lake, Onondaga Cave, the town of Cook Station, any where in Crawford County, Main Street Steelville, and local farms. One of the local farms will host a sunset paint. Artists will also be able to compete for a purchase prize for a Nocturne paint. Nighttime paintings will be produced throughout the event and then will be handed in on the morning of Thursday, June 11 at which time the purchase prize sponsor of this event will choose their painting.

Plein Air GALA Tickets

Plein Air GALA Tickets

            Artists will be selling freshly painted works as well as other works they have produced on Friday, June 12 and Saturday June 13th at the Steelville Community Center. The artists will be there with their art to meet the public. There will be a range of sizes and prices to meet everyone’s interests. Don’t miss this event!

And check out the Steelville Arts Council Facebook page.

 Steelville Arts Council is a 501C3 organization with the mission of promoting Arts in the community through awareness, appreciation, education and support, creating a connection between artists and audiences to enrich the quality of life for all.

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