July 2013 Kudos & Upcoming Jam Session at Gallery Zeke


We have the monthly Jam session this Saturday at Gallery Zeke.  Bring an instrument, play with the group or come to listen and relax. 


 STARCO 2013 July Kudos

 Kudo’s to all who helped make the Civil War exhibit such a great success.

 Thank you Helen Wright from your many hours at Gallery Zeke to answer questions and educated others about the art and Civil War.

Thanks to Phyllis Perkins, Ellen Bowles, Jack Bowles, Gary Sanders, Barb Bryan, Julie Brand, Alfred Hughes, Jamie Smith, Annie M., Rosemary Woodward, Tina Heusler & Rita Stultz for the many hours of planning and managing the month long Civil War event. 

Thanks to Helen Wright’s donation we now have 2 punch bowls with ladles, 4 large round  clear plastic serving trays and 2 smaller clear plastic serving trays and  a couple doilies.  Thanks for your classy donation. 

Thanks to all the teachers of Summer Art Classes- Rob Bowness, “Ozark” Ed Smith, Rob Viehman, Barb Cook, Jean Fishwick, Barb Bryan, Chris Johansson, Tina Heusler, Nicole McPeters, & Deloris Bell.  We had 9 classes, with total enrollments of 29–about double from last year’s program.  Great Job everyone!

Of course this event would not happen without the Education Committee- Ellen Bowles, Barb Bryan, Phyllis Perkins, Tina Heusler, & Rosella Roberts. You all did great!

Jean Fishwick donated not only her time but her fee from the students of the flower arranging class. 

Thanks to Jean Fishwick’s students who pooled the fee money she would have charged and bought her membership to the Arts Council. 

 Thanks to Barb Bryan, Rosemary Gruver, Phyllis Perkins, Terry Bryan, and Jack Bowles for helping set up the Evans House exhibit for the summer art classes.

Phyllis Perkins for organizing the reception for the summer art classes exhibit.

Phyllis, Barb Bryan, Barb Tiberghien, Bonnie Cornelius and others for bringing food for the student reception.

Thank you to Sharon Hubbard and those who helped HelenWright take down her exhibit. 

Thanks to Rosemary Woodward we have watering cans at each location to water the outdoor plants. 

Thanks to Steelville Telephone Exchange & Chris Case we now have internet connection at Gallery Zeke, Evans House and the Artist in Residence house. 

Ongoing thanks to all who are helping with the marketing of our many events, including Katie Nott and Rob Brandenburg (website), Ellen Bowles, Gary Sanders, Chris Case, Annie M., Tina Heulser (facebook), Becky Simpson, Sue Rosinski (creation of fliers), Rosemary Woodward, Karen Cottrell, Phyllis Perkins, Tina Heusler, Rita Stultz, Sandy Scott (spread fliers out around the community) and Chris Case (news paper ads).  There are so many more helping spread the word.  Wow, what a team effort! 

Many Thanks to the Meramec Music volunteers-Rosella Roberts, Judy Erwin, Virginia Halbert, Gene Ray, Wanda Swyers, Sue Rosinski, Mae Ruble, Karen Miles, Phyllis Perkins, Barb Bryan, Roger Barr, Ike Lovan, Bob Bell and I apologize to this I have missed in this list.  You too are appreciated. 

 Bob Bell, Rosella Roberts and Scott Perkins for tireless efforts of managing the newly purchased MMT. 

 Yadkin Volunteers-

 Thanks to those who made the tasty cookies & sandwiches for the Civil War Era Tea-Phyllis Perkins, Rosemary Gruver, Helen Wright, Ellen Bowles, Tina Heusler, Nancy Jeffers, & Sharon Hubbard.

Chris Case for seeking and ordering the new sound system at Gallery Zeke!

 Don’t forget Rosemary Woodward and Albert Hughes for the monthly Jam Sessions!

We know there are many others that we have missed.  The support and dedication of you all is amazing.  Please forgive us if we missed you.  We GREATLY appreciate you all!

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