Spring Plein Air Registration

Steelville Arts Council 8th  Annual Plein Air August 3 – August 8

Our event will run from August 3rd through the 8th, 2020. We will be offering 5, $500 purchase prizes and $450 a day in 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place awards. A quick paint worth $750 in prizes. Artists will have the chance to sell their works on Saturday, August 8. Artists will also have the opportunity to exhibit their Steelville Plein Air work at Gallery Zeke until August 29 at 4:00PM, .

Rules, Considerations, and Expectations

  • All Artists must check in each day at Gallery Zeke. Each day blank surfaces must be stamped with the current day’s stamp. Artist check in will begin at 7AM at Gallery Zeke.
  • No pets will be allowed at painting sites.
  • All artwork needs to be done entirely on location “en plein air” (not from photos) within the region of the event.
  • All artists are required to provide a biography (for PR) not larger than 1 page including photo.
  • All artists have the opportunity so sell their work on Saturday, the 6th, and will be assigned areas to display their work (can include studio work) up to 24 sq. feet. (Artists can supply walls or easels to display their works.) The commissions for paintings sold will be 30%. All sales will be handled by the Arts Council Staff.
  • All works must be checked back in and framed by 4:30PM. All entered works must be for sale. Daily judging will occur at 5PM. The one exception is our Quick Paint. Instructions to be given during the week. Artists are not allowed in the gallery during judging. Once a painting has bee judged it can not be reentered.
  • Artists are invited to paint in all public areas, but must not obstruct roadways, business entries, etc, out of courtesy to others and for your own safety.
  • All winning works with the exception of purchase awards, will be in the live auction during the Gala Friday, June 5th (a starting bid of $200 starts the auction, commission will be 30%). You may attend the auction at 7:30Pm for no charge. The Gala has been cancelled. We are working on having an on-line auction.
  • All artwork presented for judging may be photographed and reproduced for non-commercial promotion by the Steelville Arts Council.
  • Due to budgetary considerations there are no refunds on registrations or dinners.

Liability and Insurance: While precautions are taken to safeguard artwork in possession of the Steelville Arts Council and the participants during the plein air event, the Steelville Arts Council accepts no liability for loss or damage to artwork or for any personal injury incurred during the participation in this event. Artists are strongly encouraged to insure their own person and artwork.

Click this link for the mail in Application.